Reinvigorating Your Passion

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What Do You Do if You Can’t Find Your Passion?

Original Article by Elizabeth Gilbert for O, The Oprah Magazine on November 2010. Creative Commons License.

Passion fizzles, gets too overwhelming, and sometimes leaves you all together.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, gives her thoughts on how to overcome a lack of passion, something that we all struggle with time to time. She suggests stepping back and acknowledging the difficulties (because continually slamming your head into a brick wall can only get you so far). Instead, take a break and pursue something new that’s been on your mind, perhaps something seemingly random. For many, it clears the mind and eventually your passion can find its way back, as vibrant as ever – if not more.

Check out the full article for Elizabeth Gilbert’s compelling story.

For more great life advice, watch her speak about “living to your potential” here.

Elizabeth Gilbert is the best selling author of seven books: Eat, Pray, LoveThe Signature of All Things, Committed: A Love Story, At Home On the Range, The Last American Man, Stern Men, and Pilgrims. In addition to being a New York Time’s #1 selling authing, Gilbert is a sought-after speaker. She also owns an import store called Two Buttons in New Jersey with her husband.

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