Awareness and Spending All Day With You


A Day With Yourself

Written by Tamara Lackey for All in One Life on July 5, 2013.

Imagine if you could spend the day with yourself, doing everything you would normally do on your own with YOU by your side.  From getting ready in the morning to eating breakfast (and hearing yourself chewing) to making a flippant joke with a friend to rushing to get to an appointment to losing your temper – all the way to plopping on the couch and zoning out, then finally climbing up to bed.  Oh, and that would include listening, intently, to everything you said the whole day long, from your first waking word to your very last conscious, or unconscious, one.

How do you think that experience would go?  Do you think you would learn something new about yourself?  About how you presented yourself to others, and that frustrating gap between what you meant and how something came across?

At the very least, it could simply be an interesting experience.  Most likely, though?  It would be a mind-blowing, life-altering one.

Assuming you can’t anatomically clone yourself, there are at least two other ways to try something similar. You could hire a videographer to be with you morning through night.  Or swap places with a friend and both take the time to do it for each other.  That person would do nothing but observe and keep the camera constantly trained on you.  The trick, of course, would be to not alter yourself in any way.  To not edit for effect, either in front of the camera of after watching the tape back.  To be exactly who would you actually be if there were no camera there.

The second way is even simpler.  It’s not cloning and it’s not video – it’s simply practicing awareness.  It’s making the effort to pull back and watch you respond to what occurs around you.  It’s better seeing the rush of thoughts that race through your mind, and it’s getting curious about the way an emotion prompts you to act out in ways you normally wouldn’t choose.  Awareness is very much like holding a video camera to yourself 24/7.

The opportunity to learn more and more every day, to truly see yourself as others see you, only requires you to practice better seeing your own self.

And few things will probably ever open your eyes more to you than spending the day with you.



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